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Banco Nacional
san jose costa rica

Costa Rica Nacional Bank, as an entity of the State established by the Political Constitution of the Republic, is an autonomic institution of public right, with an independent administration.

Costa Rica Nacional Bank was founded October 9th,1914, under the name of Costa Rica International Bank, created under a vision towards the agricltutral and rural country development, which has been conserved through its whole existance.

On Noviembre 5th, 1936, its name was changed from Costa Rica International Bank to Costa Rica National Bank (Banco Nacional de Costa Rica) and since then, it has become a bank that seeks real development, with a trascendent and positive projection in the economic, social and financial country’s life.

All those activities have gravitated around the Banco Nacional and, there is con Costa Rican thatm in one way or another, has not become benefitted from the Bank’s actions in its 86-year-old trajectory.

Nowadays, in the informatic era and telecommunicating innovations, and specially, the huge competitivity from the nacional and internacional area, the Banco Nacional has been transfromed in a universal bank, beholding every aspect of the Costa Rican market, such as: personal bank, business, corporative, institutional, investments, pensions, savings, while taking care of its financing utility towards the economic development of the country, that continues to to be its vertebral colummnae. Its mision is to offer universal, standardized, high quality, safe, trustworthy banking services, that bring high rentability throughout an excellent attention to all Costa Ricans.

The Banco Nacional possesses a wide net of more than 150 offices, more than 300 ATM’s countrywide, and close to 4.200 employees. It is the biggest bank institution in the country, with a volume of actives over approximately ¢2.179 thousands of millions that place it in Costa Rica’s, Central America (Panama excluded), the Caribbean y Dominican Republic. The Banco Nacional holds an investment of 49 per cent in the Banco Internacional de Costa Rica Limited (Bicsa). Bicsa is a entity incorporated in the Republic of Bahamas, with offices in Miami, Panama and San Jose, Costa Rica, and it is the owner of 100% of the actions BN-Valores (Puesto de Bolsa), BN-Vital (Operadora de Fondos de Pensión), BN-SAFI (Fondos de Inversión).

So, as you can read, the National Bank is an important entity, known throughout Costa Rica.

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