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City Landmarks

The city's principal landmark is called Coca-Cola because a Coca-Cola bottling plant was located there many years ago.

Important places in the city include the Banco Central de Costa Rica building, the Banco Nacional building, (much taller than other buildings nearby, giving the city its particualr skyline), La Sabana Metropolitan Park, Avenida Central (a pedestrian thoroughfare and one of the major commercial areas in the city).

The Central Park and Plaza de la Cultura are visited by thousnads of workers and tourists every day. The Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica (National Theater of Costa Rica), Melico Salazar Theater, and the Catedral are other landmarks in the central area.In the South, the Clínica Bíblica (a private hospital) and the Pacific Train Station are important buildings.

San José, as being Costa Rica’s capital city, needs further exploration to visit every of its landmarks. However, since most of them have been mentioned, it is important to remember that there are two more places that deserve anough attention, as well as the rest of them. These are University of Costa Rica and the Banco Nacional.


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